Wikipedia Presence Working Group

The objective of this working group is to maintain a presence for MESA on Wikipedia by periodically posting (or updating) definitions of MESA related terms on Wikipedia under the MESA name.  The terms posted to MESA will also be updated in the MESA Collaborative Manufacturing Dictionary as well by the same working group.

Terms to be updated will be proposed either by members of the working group, or to members of the working group by other members of MESA.  The proposed definitions for those terms will be posted in the Technical Committee section of Sharepoint for review and they will go through the normal MESA review process before being posted to Wikipedia.

Members posting to Wikipedia are required by the Wikipedia charter to post as an individual, but they are also allowed to post as an individual at an organization, so the proposal is that posters on the working group register IDs at Wikipedia such as "Dave N at MESA" so that MESA is visible in the posting, while conforming to the Wikipedia charter.

The working group goal will be posted (or updated) at least (on average) one new term per month on Wikipedia.

Acting Chair: Khris Kammer

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