Governance Committee

MESA provides a professional environment within which many diverse topics are discussed and initiatives run by an even more diverse collection of members.  Managing this diversity in a fair, equitable way that gives such a broad community a unified voice would be essentially impossible without the proper organizational structure, policies and practices.

Our Governance Committee ensures our operating policies, procedures and structure are current and effective for supporting the association's stated goals.  The team interfaces with association leaders on questions about established practices, regularly reviews our bylaws and recommends changes to any area of our operations that need updating or replacing for any reasons. The Governance Committee's focus is always on fairness within MESA and ensuring a level playing field for any and all contributors.

Governance Committee Mission:

  • To review (and where necessary change/amend) existing processes/procedures, policies and structures of MESA and the respective documentation from the perspective of governance and compliance. 
  • Provide to the Board of Directors all necessary documents needed for the board to ensure compliance of the organization with all applicable rules and regulations for a not-for-profit organization and all applicable law. 
  • Provide to the members of MESA a simple way to understand the organization and to navigate its structure as well as giving them a general feeling for what is right and what is wrong.

Chair: Open Position

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