The GEP Mission

The purpose of the MESA Global Education Program (GEP) focuses on the education and sharing of manufacturing systems best practices to MESA members and the global industrial market.  MESA GEP provides the required knowledge to improve manufacturing operations through industrial systems standards and best practice methods for optimizing work processes and for supporting industrial IT applications and best management practices. MESA International grants MESA GEP the authority and responsibility for continuing education and training activities to meet these goals. 

The Global Education Program believes in promoting the exchange of best practices, strategies, and innovation in managing manufacturing operations used to achieve plant-floor execution excellence.

MESA GEP's industry events, symposiums, and publications help manufacturers, systems integrators, and vendors achieve manufacturing leadership. Manufacturing leadership is a practical manufacturing solution combining manufacturing intelligence and technology to support the business of manufacturing and supply chain processes.

The MESA GEP provides manufacturing leadership by a dedicated continuous improvement process to evolve the concepts of Industrial Lean IT. The GEP approach focuses on how to best incrementally apply and create the required Manufacturing 2.0 standard-based application framework to enable an interoperable architecture required for manufacturing adaptability for the 21st century global business processes.