MES/MOM* Methodologies Certificate of Awareness (CoA01)

MESA's MES/MOM* Methodologies Certificate of Awareness Program is a high-level program of MES/MOM Business Functions courses. This certificate is best for executives, manufacturing/operations and IT personnel and sales professionals.  This specific program is only available in a physical classroom environment. For the online version, click here.

Program Length: Classroom: 15.5 contact hours; Post Event: 7.5 contact hours for self-study and out-course assessment test
Total PDH Hours for 9 Courses:  2.3 (Must pass both In-Course and Out-Course testing for all 9 courses to obtain 2.3 PDHs)

You must achieve a combined average score of 85% or better to earn PDHs and pass each Course.  There are two tests for each Course: 1) an In-Course and 2) an Out-Course test. Your tests results are combined to obtain an average score by Course. You must pass all Courses offered in your Certificate Program(s) to receive your Certificate of Awareness.

For each course, there are two parts to the Awareness Test:
1. In-course test consisting of ten (10) questions answered as the course progresses
2. Post-course test consisting of ten (10) questions answered within eight (8) weeks after course completion.

Courses in the MES/MOM* Methodologies Certificate of Awareness Program  
201. The Role of MES/MOM for Scalable Continuous Improvement across Global Supply ChainsView Course Description
202. Global Market Advances Adaptive Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture View Course Description
203. Relationships between Manufacturing Operations StandardsView Course Description
204. Manufacturing Transformation Strategy: Maturity and Roadmap ModelingView Course Description
205. Management of MES/MOM Design and Life CycleView Course Description
206. Metric Framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI): Aligning Financial and Operational MetricsView Course Description
207. Justifying MES/MOM Systems to Business Leaders, Business Case Justification and Return on Investment (ROI) AssessmentView Course Description
208. Choose the Right Solution: MES/MOM SOW, RFP and Product Evaluation MethodsView Course Description
309. MES/MOM Project Management TechniquesView Course Description

*NOTE: MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management