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We're proud of our MESA members! Learn more about them below or click here to submit your #MESAproud testimonial to get a MESAproud Logo for your business cards and website.

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  Conrad LeivaConrad Leiva, Smart & Digital Manufacturing Solutions and Integration Architect, Strategist, Technology Evangelist, iBASEt LINKEDIN PROFILE | TWITTER 

Conrad shares why MESA is the place for all things Smart Manufacturing. “Where else can I collaborate with such a mix of smart people working towards Smart Manufacturing? The Smart Manufacturing Community of peers has turned out to be a great forum to help move innovation forward while we learn about trials, challenges, successes and opportunities ahead.” #MESAproud
Julie Fraser, Principal, IYNO Advisors 

"I've been a member of MESA for more than 20 years, and I've gained the most amazing network of brilliant manufacturing people around the world! I'm so grateful for the many opportunities I've had with MESA to help the industry move forward by co-creating!

I have a passion for manufacturing effectiveness, and have seen software help for 35 years. It's been my delight to see MESA and the industry grow "smarter" and always serve up something new.

I have so many dear and brilliant manufacturing software buddies all over the world as a result of my years being active in MESA. My life and my career are so much more successful and richer for that! MESA members are the BEST!" #MESAproud 
 ggGerhard Greeff, GM IoT and PMC, Altron Bytes Systems Integration         

"I love manufacturing, the processes and the technology applied to make manufacturing more efficient and effective. Manufacturing is my passion and for that reason MESA is my home. Within MESA, I've found a community where I can go for advice and where I can share my experience. Interacting with peers within MESA has proven to be invaluable in my personal development." #MESAproud
MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence MemberUwe Kueppers, Sr. Business Consultant, Rockwell Automation  


Uwe is a leader in Digital Transformation and is interested to share knowledge on Industry 4.0 and it's challenges. He is happy to support you on your journey to becoming a connected enterprise. "I truly believe the collaboration and peer-to-peer networking can provide so much to every MESA member." #MESAproud

Mike YostMike Yost, Former MESA President, Lifetime MESA Member


"I’ve been active in MESA since the late 1990s, having been a member and serving on committees, chairing groups and task forces, and even holding a seat on the International Board of Directors for several years. But the most recent experience for me, and one that had the biggest personal impact, was my role as MESA’s President from 2011 into early 2019. In this role, I was fortunate to act as an ambassador for MESA, to meet long-time contributors (from ALL OVER THE WORLD!) and welcome brand-new prospective contributors and members. I got to champion MESA's causes, work to make a difference in the global manufacturing ecosystem and help manufacturing professionals understand the role and value of modern Internet and Information Technologies in manufacturing operations. 

I believe as fervently as ever in MESA's mission and value in/for/to industry, and I implore you all to stay committed to your work within MESA - it's more important now than ever!"  #MESAproud 

 Mark BesserMark Besser, Senior Vice President-Customer Success, Savigent Software, Inc.


"It comes back to the classic phrase “two heads are better than one.” MESA provides an opportunity to interact with thought leaders from around the world to understand, discuss, debate, define, refine, different points of view related to, and how to act upon, current day issues manufacturers are facing." #MESAproud

 Eric Cosman,Founder, Principal Consultant, OIT Concepts LLC

Eric Cosman continues to contribute his experience to MESA as a way to give back to the industry after retiring. Eric's experience includes working at The Dow Chemical Company where he was involved in evaluating, selecting and implementing technology for manufacturing operations. #MESAproud
 Scott DaughertyScott Daugherty, Director of Operations, Cormetech, Inc

"I have been a member of MESA for almost 15 years and they have helped me justify, develop and install successful MES projects at two different manufacturing plants. The on-line reference resources have been very helpful as we are continually improving our operations to smarter manufacturing systems. Over time participating on committees, attending MESA conferences and helping create some of the content has personally kept me current with new technology and increased my understanding of Smart Manufacturing." #MESAproud
 Darren RileyDarren Riley, Director, Manufacturing Consulting NAM, Dassault Systemes

The Smart Manufacturing Working Group of MESA International has enabled me to work with a like-minded set of professional seeking to build out new architectures, value scenarios and ROI statements in a new digital operational framework.  The collaboration and across the team is helping to transform MESA to guide and educate the future digital ecosystem of manufacturing.
 MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence Member

Brent Fischthal, Sr. Manager, Americas Marketing & Regional Sales, Koh Young America, Inc.

Brent Fischthal voices why he is a proud MESA member. "Connectivity is challenge. In manufacturing, there are increasing pressures to be scalable, integrated, and efficient while increasing utilization. As a board member, I enjoy collaborating with like-minded visionaries to foster innovation." #MESAproud

 MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence MemberClark Dobbs, VP Supply Chain, Keystone Foods, LLC


Clark Dobbs works/worked with Oracle ERP implementation and appreciates MESA's Shop Floor and ERP integration activities. #MESAproud


We're proud of our MESA members! Click here to submit your #MESAproud testimonial and get a MESAproud Logo for your business cards and website.

Follow the feed #MESAproud on twitter or visit our LinkedIn Group

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