Strategic Initiatives & Research Areas

One of the ways that MESA contributes to improving both business results and production operations is by creating guidebooks and original research. Most of these materials focus on business strategies, best practice processes to achieve those strategic objectives, and the use of enterprise solutions to support processes, measure and accelerate business success. Where MESA's research differs is that it reaches from enterprise concepts down to the real-time production process. This is reflected in the MESA Model.

The MESA Model is one of the areas included in MESA's Global Educational Program - in the Methodologies CoC program on MES/MOM Models and Standards and in the executives' Business Function CoA program on strategic relationships.

MESA has ongoing programs that focus on enhancing understanding of concepts and practical approaches to realizing business and operational benefits. Primary programs include the five MESA Strategic Initiatives that form the top layer of the MESA Model:

MESA Model

MESA has developed educational materials on the five strategic initiatives shown here.  See more about the strategic initiatives.

MESA has conducted primary research studies that illuminate critical aspects of success for manufacturing and production companies.  The main area MESA conducted research in is Metrics that Matter, or performance metrics for manufacturing and production businesses and operations.  More about Metrics that Matter.