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MESA hosts Global Education Program certificates and courses, workshops and speaks at events all over the world. Invite MESA to your event and we can create a custom session, course, or workshop to meet your needs, or choose from the following successful workshops. 

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Seeking Common Ground for Smart Manufacturing
MESA’s smart manufacturing workshop has consistently delivered the highest number of workshop attendees -- Join us!

Presented by Subject Matter Experts from MESA International this comprehensive workshop will divide into sub-groups for interactive breakouts to dissect the following topics:

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • The role of MES in Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Factory and IIoT
  • Digital Thread/Digital Twin
  • Smart Connected Supply Chain

So far, MESA has been examining where there is agreement and disagreement on terminology, what initiatives are linked, what is challenging, and how companies are working through those challenges.

The workshop will also cover what MESA has learned from its research and from Smart Manufacturing Community Group meetings.

The Road Less Travelled: The Journey Toward Smart Manufacturing

With Smart Manufacturing strategies, companies gain powerful capabilities to drive competitive advantage. Factories cut costs, reduce time-to-delivery, and increase order accuracy. With the right leadership, businesses will capture market share, enter new markets, and boost margins.

The Smart Manufacturing Roadmap from MESA International provides manufacturing companies with a guide for their Smart Manufacturing journey and a framework for building detailed plans to achieve their Smart Manufacturing goals.

Join us in this Deep-dive session as we explore the details of the Smart Manufacturing Roadmap:

  • Business Strategy
  • Empowered Teams
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Connective Technologies
  • Connected Things (IIoT)

The Value of Industrie 4.0 - Techniques for Finding the Payback for New Projects

There's many different reasons why an Industrie 4.0 project can fail. It can go over budget, go behind schedule, not be accepted by the end users, be too complicated, or simply not work as advertised.

But there’s only one way an Industrie 4.0 project can be successful. And that if it adds real value to the manufacturing company. The value may be found in increased capabilities such as increased consistency, increased productivity, increased flexibility, or increased agility. Or the value may be found in reduced costs such as reduced labor costs, reduced material costs, reduced energy costs, or lower levels of rework and waste.

And, for an Industrie 4.0 project to be successful, it has to be about more than just the technology. It can’t be just a technology project. It has to be about delivering real benefits to the company.

Even if an Industrie 4.0 project comes in under budget, ahead of schedule, and has the newest and coolest technology on the market, if it doesn’t deliver real value to the company, it is a failure.

Join us in the bootcamp as we discuss many different techniques for finding payback for Industrie 4.0 projects:

  • Providing significant new capabilities and processes
  • Reducing capital costs and reducing operating costs
  • Empowering teams and improving decision-making
  • Creating new and better ways of doing business
  • Metrics and measuring both tangible and intangible payback

Training Sessions

Smart Manufacturing: Resetting the Discussion

This session covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Smart Manufacturing
  • 21st Century Global Supply Chain Requirements
  • Continuous Improvement Concepts & Practices as a Driver for Smart Manufacturing
  • The Role of Smart Connected Systems for Scalable Continuous Improvement Across Global Supply Chains
  • Global Market Advances Adaptive Manufacturing: The Business Requirements and Theory
Smart Manufacturing: Cost Justification and ROI
This session introduces attendees to the concepts and major components required to complete an ROI and justification. It also provides guidance about the kinds of questions that need to be answered throughout the process and the various considerations that need to be included in the calculations.


Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International is a worldwide not-for-profit community focused on education and networking about Smart Manufacturing and MES/MOM. Our association enables members and the industry to improve their business results and production operations.

Members include manufacturing companies, information technology hardware and software suppliers, system integrators, consulting service providers, analysts, editors, academics, and students