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MESA's recognition programs aim to build greater market awareness of individuals and businesses dedicated to our goal: educating the global marketplace on how and why to leverage modern Information Technologies in production operations.  By doing so, we are looking to engage more constituents in pursuit of a common goal and to help manufacturers, producers and solution providers find each other more easily and work together more effectively.

The programs center on an individual's or a business' commitment to the association's objectives, as quantified in three ways, each required for recognition:

1. Active MESA membership or sponsorship.

2. Regular contribution - active in MESA activities, such as contributing to committees and working groups or attending online or regional events.

3. Practical proficiency - defined for individuals through the successful attainment of a Certificate of Competency in MES/MOM* Methodologies from the MESA Global Education Program (GEP) and for businesses through the number of recognized individuals employed and by self-assessing annual solutions deployment success.

These programs offer public recognition for individuals and companies committed to education and knowledge sharing vital to moving industry forward, which allows:

  • a MESA-Recognized Practitioner to:
    • Elevate the value of your own personal capabilities
    • Strengthen your professional networks and connection
  • a MESA-Recognized Business to:
    • Show current and prospective clients your ability to keep up with the speed-of-business today
    • Attract talented people
  • everyone to:
    • Ensure educated buyers and sellers can recognize each other, define and deliver solutions faster and reduce risk, costs and time-to-value.

Click here to learn more about the MESA-Recognized Practitioner program, to apply today, or to find a list of recognized practitioners.

Click here to learn more about the MESA-Recognized Businesses program, to apply today, or to find a list of recognized businesses.

For questions about MESA's Recognition Programs, contact Megan Calles, MESA Association Coordinator, via email at or by phone at MESA Headquarters at +1-480-893-6883.

*MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management