Manufacturing Analytics Working Group

The MESA Analytics Working Groups are focused on how manufacturers successfully measure performance and improve it.This is your opportunity to work with other companies who have succeeded with operations and business performance metrics.

Participating in a working group is interesting and not a major commitment. Generally the groups meet every few weeks in a teleconference and sometimes in a web meeting, and team members are asked to volunteer for mostly small-scale activities. For example, you might contribute a section of a white paper, review a survey questionnaire, write a chapter of a guidebook, or review and comment on how to improve the usefulness of someone else's work. All of the leaders and participants are volunteers, so we know that sometimes you cannot be on a call or get your piece of the work done on a tight schedule. Any time you can spend is welcome and appreciated, and the teams are willing to with all those who wish to contribute and improve this area of manufacturing.cs.

Chair: Chris Monchinski, Automated Control Concepts, Inc.

The MESA Analytics working groups are:

ISO SP5 WG9 Plant-level KPI Standards Development

International standards help companies work together with common expectations and this one is defining key performance indicators (KPIs) at the level of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to help supply chain partners reap cost and efficiency benefits through a commonly accepted definitions of performance results. MESA has already contributed as a formal category D liaison agreement in process with the International Standards Organization (ISO), specifically to ISO TC 184/SC 5/ WG 9, to have to contribute to this new set of ISO 224000 standards regarding metrics for production plants. ISO asked MESA to be a liaison to ensure these standards incorporate the real-world plant floor view. ISO is also interested in incorporating the MESA Metrics Maturity Model (see group description above) as a part of this international standard.

Chair: Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting

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Metrics Maturity Model

This team has drafted a reference model showing maturity of deploying performance measurement processes and systems. It incorporates both how to manage performance measurement and what to measure. This maturity model helps companies identify where they are in their progress toward an effective metrics program for production operations that will drive business success. This will be a high level framework for metrics and practices that members can use to kick off metrics activities in their own companies.

Chair: David McKnight, Ciber

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Metrics Guidebook & Framework Third Edition

MESA has offered a guidebook and framework for effective performance metrics since 2006. The team for the third edition is forming now, to update, improve, and expand this important reference work. The Guidebook and Framework introduces the role of metrics and the players, provides an overview of critical concepts about metrics and performance measurement processes including linking and aligning corporate to detailed plant metrics. The previous two editions are available to members on this site, from 2006 and 2011.

Co-Chairs: John Jackiw, Dassault Systemes 

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Time in State Metrics

Many traditional metrics are designed for discrete manufacturing, but MESA's interest in metrics extends into batch and continuous processing as well, where Time in State metrics can be critical. This team came from MESA's Continuous Process Industries (CPI) special interest group and is developing materials that help companies in these industries measure in ways that do not mask inefficiencies, but help improve the human decision-making processes so critical to success in processing. Draft documents introduce the concept and methodology of Time in State (TIS) Management, TIS Metric, and Key Process Influencing Factors (KPIF's) that are key to improving the TIS Metric.

Chair: Gerhard Greeff, Bytes

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Other ideas?  We welcome them.

All of these working groups were started as a result of the interests of MESA members.  If you have an idea about performance measurement and metrics programs you don't see here, please let us know and we can start up an activity.


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