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Smart Manufacturing Community

Accelerate Your Digital Journey with MESA’s Smart Manufacturing Community

The Smart Manufacturing Community is the place to find and contribute unbiased information on how to accelerate progress toward Smart Manufacturing. We offer safe, worldwide, non-commercial virtual calls and research to help you learn from peers and experts.

Participate in the Community and get in on pivotal discussions that will guide your decision making. You will gain a much larger, more diverse, and more experienced understanding that is hard to find on your own. Participants gain access to answers and new ideas from peers and subject matter experts, and benefit from our leading-edge research of best practices.

Facilitated virtual meetings are held every two weeks and rotate through four (4) topics where participants discuss their learnings, questions, concerns and successes in a safe, non-commercial environment. Participants will be invited to all meetings and can choose which topics they wish to attend:

  • Manufacturing Operations Software
  • Smart Connected Factory
  • Smart Connected Supply Chain
  • Digital Thread/Digital Twin

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Julie Fraser
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Joanne Friedman
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Dave Hinkler
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Additional Resources


The Community was originally a spin-off of the workshops held at the 2018 MESA North American/Industry Week Manufacturing & Technology conference with over 100 participants. Additional workshops are held at events worldwide. Workshops can be brought to your event for an additional fee.

Discussion Forums

Join MESA's Smart Manufacturing Community LinkedIn Group to continue the discussions in between meetings.


Tips on Starting the Smart Manufacturing Journey

Featuring industry executives who helped guide our first face-to-face community discussions in a workshop.


Seeking Common Ground for Smart Manufacturing

Results of our first survey show that most manufacturers have already implemented at least one Smart Manufacturing initiative, and that the Senior Executives are typically involved.


Smart Manufacturing: Continuous Improvement or Strategic Transformation

A lively session with executives from three diverse manufacturing companies.