Custom Training Programs

MESA's MES/MOM and Smart Manufacturing trainings give organizations the opportunity to extend MESA's trusted training to their network.  

Choose from a variety of education offerings to best suit your audience such as: 

  • In-house private (or combination public/private) training specifically for your customers or employees. In-house private programs are intended for up to 20 attendees. Have a smaller audience to educate? Ask about our public/private in-house program for 10 or fewer attendees. 
  • Package discounts on MESA's Smart Manufacturing online courses.  Purchase a coupon book to unlock greater savings! 
  • Bundle related peer-reviewed research, white papers and guidebooks to support your training
  • Add a workshop or roundtable moderating per topic or industry

MESA's training provides solutions for the challenges encountered by manufacturing operations personnel as they pursue measurable operational and monetary benefits from IT investments. Training your entire enterprise including Operations, Executives, Sales and Finance departments is an excellent way to get everyone speaking the same language to achieve ROI and profit in multiple areas along the value chain. 

By hosting MESA training, you can enroll this broader cross-section of your organization at a fraction of the cost per employee/member, as compared to enrolling them individually in public courses. 

Manufacturer/Producers and Supply Chains benefit from hosting MESA Training for their employees and suppliers because they can:

  • Achieve solid business results from MES/MOM or Smart Manufacturing solutions that are properly engineered and correctly specified from project inception.

  • Obtain functionality and solutions that drive ROI from MES/MOM software or Smart Manufacturing projects while increasing system flexibility in their organizations. This benefit is especially driven from personnel being able to understand and apply the best practices that MESA has collectively agreed upon.

  • Reduce staff support costs on each project because their personnel and delivery partner(s) will be on the same page as to how to proceed.

  • Gain knowledge of the critical aspects to be considered when specifying and purchasing best-of-breed IT solutions designed to their specific operating requirements.

  • Provide application users with the knowledge to understand and the ability to contribute to the design of the installation, along with their buy-in to the new solutions that are specific to their roles, responsibilities, and departments.

Solution Providers, Associations, Economic Development Groups and Financing Companies can host MESA Training for their customers, clients and members. 

MESA Training programs showcase your organization as a thought-leader by being able to not only educate your network, but also to reach out to, and educate new prospects. You may also sell seats at a hosted event at your own price.*

Your customers and members will benefit because they will be able to:

  • Shorten the adoption cycle of MES/MOM and Smart Manufacturing solutions because they will understand the benefits and ROI of successfully installing leading edge applications
  • Demonstrate competitive advantage for their entire organization and/or region
  • Work more closely with your organization to advance manufacturing 

Solution Providers who train their employees with MESA benefit by:

  • Increasing their ability to identify and incorporate superior functionality at a post-course planning phase, as opposed to later in the solution development life-cycle, when expanded functionality needs can create friction and steep cost increases for their client(s).
  • Demonstrating competitive advantage by exposing their clients, prospects and delivery teams to best practices and proven methodologies.
  • Potentially becoming a MESA Recognized Practitioner or Business -- the highest level of MESA education understanding which acts as a trusted mark to potential customers and showcases your knowledge to the entire industry


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