Why Attend?

With members in 78 countries globally, MESA is an independent, objective community of like-minded people and enterprises working to make operations more reliable, capable and profitable. Part of our mission statement is to, "Collect, share and publish best practices and guidance to drive greater productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing enterprise" - and what better way to do that than to formally educate our constituents globally?

Who Should Attend?

The MESA Global Education Program aggressively addresses the knowledge gap that serves as the primary barrier to growth of the Operations Management space. Slowing that growth inhibits the realization of the significant gains available to end users who successfully embrace MES/MOM. So, End User Manufacturers/Producers and Solution Providers alike have reason to attend these programs.

  • Certificate of Competency (CoC) Programs are geared toward Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, Project Managers and Consultants
  • Certificate of Awareness (CoA) Programs cater to executives, manufacturing/operations and IT personnel and sales professionals.

Key Benefits for Manufacturers/Producers:

  • Receive unbiased MES/MOM training that has passed MESA International's renowned Quality Assurance/Approval Process for delivering best-in-class content
  • An increasingly competent pool of MES/MOM professionals will grow and become more visible giving you greater ability to unlock the potential in your operations
  • Reduce the risk, time and costs of implementing and supporting MES/MOM solutions by increasing the knowledge base of internal and external project teams
  • Reduce costs and time in systems selection, deployment and governance
  • Understand and more clearly articulate the value of MES/MOM solutions

Key Benefits for Solution Providers & Consultants:

  • Substantiate your MES/MOM competency claims to prospective customers
  • Participate in a shared MES/MOM vision, maintained and delivered through a community of industry professionals
  • Get clearer, more direct market feedback by sharing in a common, end user-lead vision of the marketplace
  • Ensure - at worst case - a level playing field when in competitive engagements
  • Raise the knowledge baseline in your markets, eliminating confusion and accelerating project velocity