MESA International's Recognition Standards 

The MESA International Recognition Standards represent an expectation that MESA members and member companies share knowledge and follow sound business practices that enhance industry's trust and confidence in the MESA community.  The standards build on MESA's commitment to provide a safe, non-commercial environment for manufacturer/producer companies to share experiences and learn how and why to use modern Information Technologies (IT) in their manufacturing enterprises.

Individual practitioners and businesses that meet these standards and complete all application procedures will be recognized by MESA International, are entitled to use the MESA-Recognized logo in their promotional efforts, and will be listed on the website.
Recognized MESA practitioners (individuals) and businesses affirm to abide by the following practices:

1. Demonstrate a sustained commitment to the MESA Community and its mission by agreeing to:

  • Maintain membership within MESA International. 
  • Show unwavering support of MESA's practices against commercialism in all association-related business.
  • In your relationship with MESA:
    • Meet all applicable guidelines within MESA's Code of Ethics & Conduct.
    • Complete the required application and pay all monetary obligations to MESA in a timely manner.
    • Upon request, provide MESA with all information required to evaluate compliance with MESA recognition standards.

2. Take active steps to keep up to date with advances in industry and technology by agreeing to:

  • Individual practitioners must:
  • Member businesses must:
    • employ the required number of MESA Recognized Practitioners based on organizational size
    • deliver one (1) or more successful Industrial IT/Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions projects annually.

3. Approach all business dealings and commitments with integrity and agree to:

  • Act in a professional fashion.
  • Avoid involvement in activities that reflect unfavorably on, or otherwise adversely affect, the public image of MESA or its members and member companies.
  • Honestly represent capabilities, products and services.
  • Use the MESA name and MESA-Recognized logos in accordance with MESA policies.

For questions about MESA's Global Education Program (GEP) or MESA's Recognition Programs, contact Megan Calles, MESA Registrar, via email at or by phone at MESA Headquarters at +1-480-893-6883.

*MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management