MESA-Recognized Businesses 

MESA-Recognized Businesses are companies that support the MESA community with their people, their time and their financial support. Such support is critical to making progress as a community and influencing change in industry for the betterment of all.  MESA-Recognized Businesses can be large or small, located in any geography and bring value to industry as a manufacturer/producer, solution provider, systems integrator, consultant or analyst, so long as all recognition parameters are met.

How to become a 'MESA-Recognized Business'

Recognized Businesses have made a commitment to the MESA community at the company level and invested in the in-depth training of our Global Education Program for their professionals.  To be recognized, a business must:

  • Be a current MESA Premium Company member (Manufacturer/Producer or Solution Provider);
  • Employ a required number of MESA-Recognized Practitioners based on organizational size.
    The program requirements are defined below:

     Business Size
    (Number of Employees)

     Required Number of

    1-25 employees


    26-1,000 employees


    1,001-10,000 employees


    10,000+ employees


  • Deliver one (1) or more successful consulting, service or product-related Industrial IT/Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions projects annually*;
    • * Industrial IT/Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions service areas cover a wide array of technologies and solutions in the Manufacturing-IT domain, including but not limited to: MES, MOM, Manufacturing Intelligence, data collection, analytics, Quality, Asset Performance Management, Workflow automation, enterprise connectivity, plant-to-enterprise integration and more.  For questions on whether your domain expertise is a fit, please contact Megan Calles via email at or by phone at MESA Headquarters at +1-480-893-6883.
  • Meet all applicable requirements of MESA's Recognition Standards;
  • Complete the Recognized Business application form and pay application fee annually.  Application fee is $35 USD.
    • MESA-Recognized Business Status is good for one year.
      • Businesses that apply and are approved in January-September of a year. will expire in December of that year.
      • Businesses that apply and are approved September-December of a year, will expire in December of the next year. 

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