MESA-Recognized Practitioners 

Individual practitioners provide the energy, effort and expertise that sustain MESA and move our association forward.  Therefore, it makes sense that our Recognition Programs should be built around the practitioners, like you, who work tirelessly to improve your knowledge and skills to drive value for your business.

How to become a 'MESA-Recognized Practitioner'

Recognized Practitioners have made a personal commitment to the MESA community and the in-depth training of our Global Education Program.  To be recognized, candidates must:

  • Be a current MESA member (Basic or Premium) and abide by MESA's Code of Ethics & Conduct;
  • Hold a MESA Certificate of Competency in MES/MOM* Methodologies from our Global Education Program;
  • Maintain a required level of MESA Contact Hours* annually:
    *A practitioner must contribute a minimum of ten (10) contact hours within the next twelve (12) months to MESA to be recognized upon renewal by doing one or more of the following:
    • Attending online or in-person MESA educational events (webinars, GEP training, regional events or conferences, etc...).
    • Actively participating on a MESA committee, Board-of-Directors, Working Group, Regional Group or Special Interest Group.
    • Authoring or reviewing content for inclusion in MESA's online Resource Library.
    • Presenting publicly on behalf of MESA.
    • Reading, posting, commenting on or discussing industry trends and developments on MESA online forums.
    • Sharing best practices with likeminded industry professionals in MESA peer-to-peer networks.
  • Meet all applicable requirements of MESA's Recognition Standards;
  • Complete the Recognized Practitioner application form and pay application fee annually.  Application fee is $35 USD.
    • MESA-Recognized Practitioner Status is good for one year.
      • Practitioners that apply and are approved in January-September of a year. will expire in December of that year.
      • Practitioners that apply and are approved September-December of a year, will expire in December of the next year.