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8:30am ET

Welcome & Highlights for the Day

John Clemons, Uwe Kueppers, Khris Kammer

8:45am ET

Keynote Address: "Manufacturing Digital Transformation Strategy"

Trever White, Toyota North America

Trever White, Executive within the Toyota North America Production Engineering organization and MESA board member will share his experience with developing and executing a Manufacturing Digital Transformation Strategy supporting Factory Digital Twin. He will share how tools like Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality coupled with Reality Capture and 3D tools can significantly reduce your lead time to market and accelerate your cost effieciency, productivity, and quality along the way. Trever will share use cases along with lessons learned, and best practices from both the Engineering & Information Technology perspective that can be applied to all areas of Industrial Internet of Things.

9:30am ET

Smart Manufacturing Model: "The Structure and Value of the New Smart Manufacturing Model"

Khris Kammer, AVEVA, MESA International Board of Directors Chairman

This session will explore the new MESA Smart Manufacturing Model. It starts with a brief history of previous MESA models, then explains the high-level structures in the model – Lifecycles, Cross-Lifecycle Threads, and Enabling Technologies. We will also discuss the artifacts that are being released based on the model, including written works, use-cases, and presentations.

10:00am ET

Sustainability: "The Journey to the Green Factory"

Alejandro Araque, Application Consultant Rockwell Automation Bogota, Colombia

In this case study we explore the journey from traditional manufacturing to the Green Factory. We will look specifically at the IT and OT technology required to support the Green Factory from network design to instrumentation and from data collection to dashboards and KPI’s. It’s all about giving the people a real-time window into the operations of the factory so they can proactively manage all aspects of the operations with the goal of achieving a Green Factory. Come hear this amazing journey to the Green Factory.

10:30am ET

Smart Manufacturing Model: "Is It Really Needed?"

Jimmy Asher, Deloitte

Since the first industrial revolution we’ve been adopting new technologies to improve our manufacturing capabilities. Today, we’re still using the latest technologies to improve manufacturing, so why is Smart Manufacturing needed? Because Smart Manufacturing isn’t focused on technology. Smart Manufacturing focuses on the business objectives and the business outcomes first. Join us to discuss why focusing on the business outcomes should be the priority, and how Smart Manufacturing helps you understand how technology plays a role in achieving those outcomes.

11:00am ET

Panel Discussion: "Taking Advantage of Manufacturing Data"

Sarah Morgan, Kellogg , Tony Huffman, Molex, Ariel Shasko, Kennametal

In a world where data is fast becoming the lifeblood of manufacturing, knowing how to harness it effectively is paramount. Our expert panelists, including smart manufacturing and technology thought leaders, will share their personal experience and advice on the fundamental role of data in shaping the future of manufacturing. From outlining key data strategies to sharing success stories and lessons learned, we will provide insights into how businesses can turn data into a strategic asset, fostering resilience, competitiveness, and innovation in the Industry 4.0 era.

11:30am ET

Smart Manufacturing Community: "Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, and Internal Logistics"

Dave Noller, Virginia Tech

In this discussion, we will cover some of the current challenges with internal logistics (e.g., multiple systems, handoffs, the need for storage) and the extent to which increases/advances in automation help, or exacerbate, those challenges.  Bring your questions, thoughts, and experiences for this interactive short version of the MESA Smart Manufacturing Community Smart Connected Factory discussion.

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