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8:30am ET

Welcome & Highlights for the Day

John Clemons, Uwe Kueppers, Khris Kammer

8:45am ET

Keynote Address: "The Digital Journey of Orion, a global leader in Chemical Manufacturing"

Benjamin Scherer, Orion Engineered Carbons

Learn how Smart Manufacturing and digital products are being leveraged in the Chemical industry across the global production footprint of Orion.

Which key technologies are being utilized and how?

Where are the key value drivers and benefits of the program?

What are the main challenges and obstacles?

9:30am ET

MESA Model Use Case: Integrating Suppliers' Quality & Production in Real Time to OEM Operations

Ananth Seshan, 5G Automatika

In a typical tiered system of multiple suppliers, the OEM incurs cost because every batch delivered needs inbound quality control. This may be due to the subjectivity and variance in supplier quality and/or the need for suppliers’ conformance to the OEM’s quality plan. This presentation will illustrate a Smart Manufacturing implementation that established a real-time Digital Thread between the supplier and the OEM, (a) eliminating the subjectivity and variance and (b) ensuring 100% conformance.

10:00am ET

Success Story: Harnessing the Power of AI-Driven and Autonomous Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Joanne Friedman, PhD., CEO|Principal, Smart Manufacturing,Connektedminds Inc.

The rapid digitization of manufacturing processes brings with it increased complexity and vulnerability to cyber threats. In response, the integration of AI-driven and autonomous cybersecurity systems is revolutionizing the way manufacturing organizations protect their critical infrastructure and sensitive data. This presentation aims to explore the emerging field of AI-driven and autonomous cybersecurity in manufacturing, emphasizing its potential benefits, challenges, and implementation strategies. We will delve into real-world examples, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices that empower manufacturing organizations to proactively defend against sophisticated cyber threats while maintaining operational efficiency.

10:30am ET

Smart Manufacturing Model: "Applying the Latest"

Khris Kammer, AVEVA, MESA International Board of Directors Chairman & Chris Monchinski, Automated Control Concepts

Smart Manufacturing is a hot topic these days, and everyone has an opinion on what it means and how to apply it.

MESA International has developed a new Smart Manufacturing Model that describes how existing and emerging technologies can be combined in innovative ways to improve the effectiveness and interaction of traditional manufacturing/production lifecycles. The model and it’s associated works give examples and guidance for Smart Manufacturing practitioners. The new MESA Smart Manufacturing Model is not academic nor descriptive, and it’s not meant as a reference to sit on the shelf. It’s multi-dimensional and prescriptive, providing both a framework and very specific recommendations with ongoing examples of how we are (and can in the future) be smarter at managing the lifecycles of manufacturing and production operations. This is only the beginning for the newest MESA model. Join us in our discussion to see how you can benefit and contribute.


11:00am ET

NextGen Smart MES with Edge Intelligence

Prabakar Selvam, Cantier

Prabakar will be presenting a real life case-study on convergent and contextual implementation of MES, Edge MES, IIOT Edge Analytics, Manufacturing Intelligence and Augmented Reality where we delivered an enterprise MES Solution connecting 5,000 high-tech Machines via a Federated Core Edge Architecture with faster rapid scaling upto 20,000 Machines.

11:30am ET

Smart Manufacturing Community: "New Capabilities of Manufacturing Operations Software"

Rick Franzosa, Gartner

In this discussion, we will cover the promise and challenges of composable applications in manufacturing operations software (e.g., modular, configurable, low-code/no-code, citizen development, operator-centric focus) and how composability impacts overall manufacturing operations strategy.  Bring your questions, thoughts, and experiences for this interactive short version of the MESA Smart Manufacturing Community Manufacturing Operations Software discussion.


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