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Mike James FCMA, GCMA, MBA

Chairman and CTO
ATS Global BV

Mike is Chairman and CTO of ATS International B.V., a global, independent solution provider of manufacturing operations management/manufacturing execution systems, automation, quality and IT solutions. Mike is also President of the Manufacturing Operations Management Institute.

The Internet of Things, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Manufacturing and the creation of new manufacturing strategies is his current passion.

Mike completed his financial and business education at Southampton and Bournemouth Universities. His career in manufacturing started at Plessey Electronics followed by Poole Pottery, Allen-Bradley CNC in the UK and Allen-Bradley Europa B.V. in The Netherlands.

At Indivers N.V. and the InTech B.V. spin off Mike was responsible for the establishment of aerospace manufacturing units in The Netherlands and the expansion of semi-conductor manufacturing facilities. Mike is co-founder of ATS in 1986 which is now a global company.

As Chairman of MESA's Global Education Program from 2009 to 2012 and Chairman of MESA EMEA from 2010-2013, Mike moved on to become President of MOMi, the Manufacturing Operations Management Institute to continue developing MOM education with MESA for the benefit of the manufacturing industry. Mike is currently Vice Ex-Chairman of MESA International and a member of MESA's Executive Committee. MESA is a global, non-profit organizations for manufacturers.

For more information about Mike James, visit his LinkedIn page.