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MESA Model Use Cases

MESA is pleased to announce the release of use cases that accompany the most recent MESA Model: A Framework for Smarter Manufacturing. These short-written works outline examples that combine one or more lifecycles from the model in a smart way by utilizing enabling technologies and incorporating applicable cross-lifecycle threads.

The initial use cases are available to the broader MESA community, however, some future releases will be a benefit available to members only. If you aren’t a member of MESA, join today so you don’t miss out!

Companies can also sponsor their own use case. Your company name and logo will appear on the submitted use case and it will be promoted to MESA's audience, as well as live in the MESA Resource Center. Learn more...

MESA Smart Manufacturing
Model Sponsors

Use Case All Industries1
JANUARY 13, 2023
Tata Consultancy Services

Smart Manufacturing Model Use Case #3: Smart Asset Management

Assets are an important element in the manufacturing eco-system. Smart asset management will maximize utilization and lifecycle as well as help achieve other benefits such as process optimization and quality. It will also deliver intangible benefits such as safety and improved workforce morale.

Automotive Use Case OEM
DECEMBER 21, 2022
MESA International

Smart Manufacturing Model Use Case #1: Integrating Suppliers' Quality & Production in Real Time to OEM Operations

In a typical tiered system of multiple suppliers, the OEM incurs cost because every batch delivered needs inbound quality control. This may be due to the subjectivity and variance in supplier quality and/or the need for suppliers’ conformance to the OEM’s quality plan. This use case illustrates a Smart Manufacturing implementation that established a real time Digital Thread between the supplier and the OEM, (a) eliminating the subjectivity and variance and (b) ensuring 100% conformance.

Consumer Packaged Goods
DECEMBER 21, 2022
MESA International

Smart Manufacturing Model Use Case #2: Packaging Sustainability for Consumer-Packaged Goods

Sustainability touches many different facets and areas of a company. Sustainability can range from improving product sustainability (e.g., material sourcing, formulation, design, disposal, recycling, etc.), supply chain (supplier, logistic & distribution, etc.), production (production process, energy, rework, internal logistics, assets, waste, disposal and recycling, packaging, etc.) to production assets (energy optimized assets, etc.)

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